Hungary is one of the great country to visit and what makes it even better is “Elite” service company. It’s one the greatest company the I have had experience with and I highly recommend to use their services. I wish them all success and growth.



We went to Budapest for a week on a visit. The country is amazingly gorgeous, fresh and just beautiful. Elite team were very helpful, hospitable and welcoming making our entire vacation memorable, rounded and enjoyable - hassle free too! The best tour navigator I have had so far amongst the several trips our family made to Europe. Thank you and we will come back for more.

Ahmed Arafat


Unique and personalized services, very accommodating, patient, and knowledgeable team. I was fortunate to deal in many services and was truly impressed. Definitely would love to have future encounters and of course would recommend to my family and friends. All the best.

Issam habahbeh


Excellent services , they provide all what you need in Hungary ,they treat you like a guest not like customer. They are the best in there field in Hungary



The best service that you can ever think about ...خدمة غاية في الروعة من المطار و إلى المطار حيث ما كنت في أوروبا .. انا و الأهل سعدنا بكم و انصح كل من اريد له الراحة و السعادة و الأمان إنشاءالله بكم.بالتوفيق و إلى الأمام دائما.

Ahmed Albaker


It was pleased to have dealt with this five-star service which was a reason for my reaction to Budapest many more times. كان من دواعي سروري اني تعاملت مع هذي الشركة التي تتميز بالخدمة خمس نجوم والتي كانت سبب لرجوعي لبودابست عدة مرات اخرى

Ahmed faiz


من أفضل شركات السياحة و أفضل الخدمات وألف شكر للضيافة وانصح الجميع في الزيارة!!

Nasser almarri


تشرفت بالتعامل معى هذي الشركة،خدمة 5 ستار وسرعة في التنفيذ والحفاظ على سلامة العوائل ركيزتهم الاساسية،وتوفير كل ما تحتاجه العائلة في اي وقت،و انصح بالتعامل معهم👍